How to combat loneliness when working remotely

Freitag, 08 November 2019 CREATED_BY_BLOG Xenia Stepanow

The number of people who work full-time remotely continues to grow rapidly. It’s already been shown that people who work from home tend to be more productive. While solitude and a distraction-free environment can be immensely helpful for productivity, isolation can in fact quickly become its own distraction.

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“Jeder Tag ist anders, herausfordernd und aufregend” - Alkan Bal

Mittwoch, 05 Juni 2019 CREATED_BY_BLOG Xenia Stepanow

Lernen Sie unseren sympathischen Kollegen Alkan kennen, der im September 2017 bei SELLBYTEL, INVIRES Mutterunternehmen, als Operations Manager begann. Nach neun Monaten bot Thomas Soria-Galvarro, der Geschäftsführer von INVIRES, Alkan die Chance an Bord SELLBYTELs jüngsten Tochterunternehmens zu kommen. Alkan nahm das Angebot an und stieg als Programm Direktor bei INVIRES ein..."Es war bereits vom ersten Tag an spannend!" - Alkan Bal

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How to manage your time when working from home

Mittwoch, 05 Juni 2019 CREATED_BY_BLOG Evelyn Kamau

The unifying aspect across all industries and business models is being able to effectively manage your time and all of your tasks and priorities. While it is relishing to work in the quietness and comfort of your home, it is possible to still experience distractions that can interfere with your days’ work.

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Staying Healthy When you Work From Home

Donnerstag, 16 August 2018, Nürnberg, Deutschland CREATED_BY_BLOG Hanni Guerra

It seems like working from home could be an easy way to get healthy fast. No office donuts or snacks, added flexibility to work out while others commute and nice and healthy homemade lunches. While this sounds great, it’s often easier said than done, and the reality is that creating a work-life balance is just as much of a challenge when you work from home as it is when you work in an office. 


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