Delivering Service Quality
through Virtual Solutions

Memorable experiences start with a determination to be the best. We offer a seamless processes that fully integrates our virtual solutions into our clients' operations, all while offering a large talent pool ensuring expert skills – worldwide.

INVIRES is a global customer experience company that delivers remote multilingual technical support, customer service, back office and inside sales solutions.

Our scalable, virtual solutions are tailored to your global needs and support your strategic growth at your speed. We have removed the geographical, physical and time boundaries from providing customized outsourcing solutions.

We guarantee optimum integration of our clients’ targets, optimized performance and results, higher efficiency and increased employee satisfaction.

We design the perfect solution with our partners' results in mind - their success is our success. Requirements can sometimes change quickly during the course of a project, so our virtual solutions are designed to adapt to changing needs much faster than traditional environments.

Sustainability is a top priority at INVIRES. And as we know, a large part of the global CO2 emissions is caused by road traffic. Since our service specialists work from home, we prevent the emission of more than 400 tons of CO2 per year in our strive and endeavor to shape a future-oriented sustainable workplace.

How could your customer interactions benefit from the advantages of a virtual set-up?

Let us show you the steps into our virtual solutions.

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