Generally, we also offer part-time home office jobs - perfect as a sideline or student job. However, please be aware that the initial training period is going to be full-time. This training period may last 2-3 weeks, depending on the project. You can find our current job offers here

No, you don’t have to be a German citizen to work for INVIRES. However, it is necessary that you speak the languagerequired for your project or the advertised position at a native speaker level. Additionally, you are required to have a valid work permit for the country in which you want to work.

At INVIRES all our agents work from home. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where in Germany you are living – your home is your office! For vacancies for home office jobs, please click here.

Do you like what to expect as an applicant at INVIRES? Then apply for our open job offers directly through our website. You can also contact us by email, telephone and WhatsApp. All necessary contact details can be found here.

The application process is going to be completely virtualized. You can either apply through our website or through our other contact channels. After receiving and reviewing your application, we will either contact you by email or phone. After that, we will complete the application process completely virtual via email, chat, phone or videocall. We are always trying to be in close contact with our applicants in order to provide a smooth and fast application process.

No, you won’t have to come to our Nuremberg office. The application process for your new home office job will be completely virtual.

No, at no point in the application process for your home office job, training period or during your daily work at routine will you be required to physically come to our office.

No, you will not be a freelancer at INVIRES. All our employees receive a contract from INVIRES with full benefits and are not categorized as self-employed.

Your starting salary will depend on the project, the position and the individual qualification. Therefore, we cannot give a genereal answer to this question.

We attach great importance to the individual development of our employees within a project or within the company itself. For this reason, we draw up an individual plan together with each home office employee and take measures for personal development if necessary. In this way we aim to both challenge and foster the development of our employees.

Depending on the project there are certain goals that our employees are expected to achieve. In order to reach these goals, we provide you with comprehensive training in advance so that the achievement of the targets is realistic and attainable by everyone.

Just like in a traditional contact center, every home office agent has a supervisor as well as a coach available for advice and support. Furthermore, we also have coaches who are exclusively responsible for the support of our home office employees and who can be reached at any time via chat and telephone. So you are never alone with your questions and in case of support!

No, you won’t need a separate phone line to work from home for INVIRES.

Yes, all the hardware you need for your work will be provided by INVIRES. This allows you to perfectly set up your home office.

Yes, all the hardware you need for your work will be provided by INVIRES. This allows you to swiftly start working from home without any delays.

Yes, to ensure a stable outsourcing service, you will need an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 16 Mbit/s at your home. This is a mandatory requirement to work for INVIRES.

Your internet access will not be paid by INVIRES. However, in certain cases you can deduct purchases and running costs (such as telephone and internet costs) for your home office job in your tax returns.

Yes, most of the purchases you need for your work from home are tax deductible. At the beginning of your home office job at INVIRES, you will receive a handout from us concerning this topic.

Your training will be completely virtual. It may be via video conferences or through e-learning tools. The exact training content and process always depends on the project you are working on.

Yes, you will receive your salary throughout the entire training period.

You will attend the training from home. The length of the training period depends on the project. However, please be aware that the initial training period is going to be full-time. It may take up to 2-3 weeks.

In general, your work hours will depend on the service hours of the project. When planning your individual shifts, we always try to find solutions that match your lifestyle. For us it is important that our employees schedule stays as flexible as possible! To find out what additional benefits you can expect from an outsourcing expert like INVIRES, click here.


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