Monday, 24 February 2020 // from Xenia Stepanow

Meet our zealous colleague Thomas who was born and raised in Saxony home to the beautiful Ore mountains. In 2011, he moved to Leipzig for his studies in economics...

Nice to meet you Thomas, so when did you join Webhelp and eventually the INVIRES team? 

I joined Webhelp in November 2015 during my studies and started as a service specialist for an IT-Helpdesk project in Leipzig. After a while in this project, I took on the responsibility of Quality Management as a Technical Supervisor in that project. In August 2018, I saw an internal Job advertisement of Team Lead for a new project and I applied and joined INVIRES in September 2018.

That’s great that it worked out! Can you please give us a short insight into your current tasks?

Since May 2019, I am the Team Manager in a Customer Service project for a leading multinational clothing-retail company. As a Team Manager, I am responsible for supervising 13 Team Leads. And in this role, I am a connector between the teams in our project that means the management and the customer. My range of duties include controlling, steering the KPIs and the preparation of reports and benchmarks.

That sounds very interesting. What was your most challenging moment and how did you overcome it? 

At the start of my current project, we faced a very challenging situation. We were a young team that needed to build up a whole project from scratch. Nonetheless, we faced the challenge head on and every single person in our team worked hard and was willing to learn new things every day. And within just 15 months, we grew the project to 250 advisors!

Wow, that’s impressive. What character trait can you say has helped you in your professional life?

I am a rational and analytical person. That makes it easy for me to identify potential opportunities for optimization. This helps me to face my challenges in the most effective way.

And if people would like to pursue a similar career, what would you tell them?

My advice to them would be: Believe in your own skills and try to gain knowledge every day. Another important point is to grab every opportunity when you see it, tomorrow might be too late.

And lastly, how do you like spending your time away from work?

In my spare time I like to visit football matches and concerts because to me both are a good contrast to my office life.

Thanks a lot Thomas for your time and for all the insights into your tasks, we wish you all the best!

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