Fostering virtualization of our customer service

The challenge for our client, a leading producer of IT lifestyle products:

“We want to foster the virtualization of our customer service to increase flexibility and to expand to further countries. At the same time a secure connection, data protection and integration in the daily business need to be guaranteed.”

  • invires icon cases servicesServices

    Virtual technical customer service through home offices

    Virtual recruitment / training (small to large teams)

  • invires icon cases location clientLocation client:

    Leipzig, Erfurt, Mallorca, Valencia

  • invires icon cases location teamLocation team:


  • invires icon cases segmentsSegment:


  • invires icon cases languagesLanguages:


invires icon cases solutionOur solution

Technical customer service - home office based

Agents use the client’s systems and tools from home

Service hours: Monday to Sunday 8.00 am – 8.00 pm

  • invires icon cases countriesCountries covered:

    France, Germany, Italy, Spain

  • invires icon cases skillsEmployee skills:

    Customer oriented

    Affinity for IT and lifestyle products

    Analytical skills

    Ability to develop in-depth technical knowledge about hardware and digital content products

  • invires icon cases KPIsKPIs

    Meeting deadlines close to 100 %

    Reduction of the overall unplanned absenteeism and attrition rates

  • invires icon cases highlightsHighlights

    More flexibility for the client during peak times

    Decreased commuting cost and time, comfortable workplaces for employees

    Reduced attrition and absenteeism rates

    Possibility to recruit without limits from a new talent pool

    Training through online platform leads to lower management expenses

    Lower investment for partners

case attrition rate


Upselling and CSAT benchmark leader amongst 7 vendors

The home office approach leads to efficiency increase in every aspect

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