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The future of work is all about virtual customer service, remote tech support and back office solutions that are provided from geographically diverse and independent home office locations.

We are part of an international outsourcing network with 30 years of experience and provide a fully virtual set-up. Our highly skilled talents work for our global partners from their individual home offices – throughout Germany and many other European countries.

To us, happy employees mean happy customers – and highly satisfied customers and maximum employee motivation are what we value most.

We are passionate about driving your success with our innovative model as well.

How You Can Benefit

No geographic recruiting limits

No geographic recruiting limits

High scalability and flexibility

High scalability and flexibility

Better candidate selection (quality & quantity)

Better candidate selection (quality & quantity)

How could your customer interactions benefit from the advantages of a virtual set-up?



Let us show you the steps into our virtual solutions.Why our solutions work:

Comprehensive service portfolio

Thanks to our location flexibility and the lack of physical boundaries, our employees work in a productive home office environment that offers international standards for data protection and security, as well as efficiency to cover your seasonal peaks. We ensure that the customers’ needs are not only met but also exceeded.

Experts at work

Your technical support, customer service or back office demands are skillfully executed with our highly trained virtual experts who work remotely and internationally – exclusively for your project. As full-time employees, our virtual specialists deliver the same level of service and quality that we have brought to our other valued customers for more than 20 years.

Business continuity through and through

Our virtual concept guarantees service continuity even during infirmity outbreaks, harsh weather conditions or travel impediments owing to our remote solutions concept. We meet the requirements of a steadily growing workforce in the outsourcing industry for more flexibility, better access to modern job opportunities, and without any geographic restrictions.

The benefits of our virtual solutions:

Higher flexibility – we are free of geographical or local restrictions

Unlimited scalability

Independent from physical locations

Higher quality – selection of top specialists from a larger talent pool

Motivated employees – 360° daily support and coverage of the individual drives excellence and motivation

Maximum data security standards – your security is our commitment

Stronger employee engagement

Higher productivity

Decreasing attrition

Higher performance

Our virtual solutions are fully tailored to your needs and always in line with the challenges and developments of today’s outsourcing demands.

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